How Do We Hold Up

A lot of people ask how manufactured homes stand up to the test of time. This is what Kay Smillie has to say about her 1978 Jacobsen Home.

Dear Sir,

Just yesterday I put an ad in the Michigan Classified online to sell our mobile home. When the ad appeared, there on the side was an advertisement from your company. I thought, “How did they know; I didn’t put the name in the ad??” I was wishing then that I had thought to do so! But, I had no way of knowing.

Our Jacobsen was built in 1978. It’s hard to convince people that haven’t seen it that the home is that old, that it was just built well. We are situated in Central Florida but never needed a second roof over it. The floors are level and the walls are tight, including the outside buildings.

To show the quality of materials, we had some things done in a bathroom and on the way through the kitchen the workman looked at the lino and said, “I remember this lino! I worked for Jacobsen in the 70’s and I put this floor down!” He was quite amazed and had no reason to doubt him.

The floor on close examination reveals that it’s been here a long time, but the original high gloss on it make people think that it’s a new floor!

The original siding finally needed a new paint job five years ago. I don’t think it had been painted, but maybe once before that. We’ve lived in it seven years and have been proud to say, “It’s a Jacobsen!”

Not to belabor the point, but we came to Florida to care for my parents and they lived in a Jacobsen just down the street. It turns out that quite a few of our neighbors have them also, though different models but all built in 1978, each having the same story to tell. You may know of Hawthorne in Leesburg; a really exceptional place to have a home.

I write to you simply because I like to encourage people who do good work. I have no reason to believe that your quality has slackened over the years since your company has grown and prospered.

In high regards,

Kay Smillie

PS. We are moving to our son’s, just north of Macon. If we were allowed by law to put a second home on his small acreage, you can bet it would be a Jacobsen.